Fizio Kids program provides the youngest members to enjoy sports and recreational activitiesin a pleasant environment of FIZIO Center, with a professional teamof people, who working with children show a high level of creativity, commitment, responsibility and concern for individual abilities andpreferences according to children’s age and needs.

For children, exercise is aphysical activity along with fun, which contributes to the development of precision, movement coordination, flexibility of the entirebody, explosiveness, a sense of connection between music and movement through play, as well as thechild's creative relation towards himself and the world that surrounds him.

FIZIO Center experts are stating the acquiring of working habits and development of the child's potentials and capacities, both mental and physicalas the most important benefits of continuous trainings. In addition to enjoying the regular exercise, kids who are physically active have better sleep and therefore can better cope with the physical and emotional challenges.

FIZIO Center is designed for the youngest members of tailored corrective gymnastics exercises that contribute to:
• Development of muscleand bone tissue;
• Improvement of coordination andmotor skills;
• Development of properposture;
• Correction ofa numberof minor functional physical deformities;
• Weight control;
• Reduction of the risk of developing type 2 diabetes;
• Regulation of blood pressure and cholesterol levels;
• Development of creativity through play andmovement;
• Better attitude towards

Corrective exercises can be applied as a basic autonomous method for Preventing poor posture and to correct a number of minor functional physical deformities that can be eliminated by strengthening poor muscles and muscle groups.

Corrective exercise is a set of physical exercises designed by its intensity, type and duration, which can be used preventively for children who are predisposed for the development of a postural deformity or as a therapy if the deformities already exist. The aim of these exercises is to increase muscle strength, increase range of motion and improve the movement coordination

If one or both of the parents are flatfooted, have a deformity of thechest, orspinal cord, it is highly likely that the child will have the same problems. The children who are at most risk are those who started to walk too early, who are overweight, physically inactive and have poor posturehabits. Deformities may occur in puberty, when children rapidly grow and developat the sametime at school they do not have organized regular physical activity. Exercises incorrective gymnastics programaims toprevent the formation of possible deformities and provide the proper development of the child, or they helpin correcting and preventing further progression of the existing deformity. The aim of these exercises direct influence on the muscles and joints, and the body as a whole. They are specially designed to streng the nweak musclesand to stretchthe shortened ones. Incases of chest and spinal cord deformity, breathing exercises must be included...

Within our Centre for work with children we are dealingwith the prevention and correction of pathologies of the locomotor systemamong children and prevention of posturedisorders for children of all ages, from babies through school-age children to adolescents. Techniques usedin working with children are the techniques of stretching, strengthening, balance mastering through all positions (lying, quadruped, kneeling, standing, etc.), PNF techniques, Voyta and Bobath techniques, etc...

Using targeted exercises, deformities such astorticollis, talipes (varus andvalgus), shallowhipcups, dropped archesandflat feet, X feet, O legs, poor posture, scoliosis, kyphosis and lordosis, can be successfully corrected.