In the pleasant surroundings specifically designed for the purpose of separation and sense ofintimacy, FIZIO Center offers a variety of massages. The task of a professional masseurs is to improve overall physical and mental health of the client. Massage is especially important when it comes to pain in theback and spine, and pains that occur in the neck and shoulders. Massage as therapy has great importance for human health. There is large number of massages worldwide and each of them has its own approach to man and the method of application. By applying the appropriate massage techniques particularly good result scan be achieved in the treatment of acute and chronic painin muscles and joints, especially with pains in the lumbar and cervical spine. Professional massage is also important for body detoxification, or discharge of damaging substances from the human body. Some massage techniques are applied in thephysical medicine after injuriesin order to accelerate the recovery after surgery. In addition, due to the effect of causing relaxation, professional massage can alleviate and eliminate the symptoms of chronic fatigue, stress, depression and other problematic psycho-physical conditions.

Inside FIZIO Centerin the pleasant atmosphere of the space designed for massage that provides a unique sense of comfort, and intimacy, we have selected for you:


A technique that uses the pressure of the hand, fingers, elbows, or other methods used to put pressure on specific acupuncture points on the body. The benefits of acupressure therapy are invaluable.


This type of massage reaches under the surface layer of the skin and subcutaneous tissue reaching the deep layers of muscle. It helps in the release of toxins, balances the body and relaxes the ligament which is the main advantage of this type of massage.


The system of lymphatic glands is adefense mechanism that protects us from infections and diseases and helps remove unnecessary fluids from the subcutaneous tissue. Functional lymphatic system provides the body’s balance, flexibility and natural circulation of fluids in the body.


Some parts of the foot, hand and ear shells are connected with certain body parts (internal glandsand organs). Stimulation of these points can be used to reduce pain, addiction, reduce stress levels and improve blood circulation, among many ot her benefits provided by thi stype of massage.


Shiatsu recognizes Yin (negative) and Yang (positive) as two energy forces and the five elements that move along the energy meridians of the vital organs. Shiatsu massage is used to treata multitude of problems and conditions, including muscle spasms, headaches, chronic pains, digestive problems and many others. The therapy stimulates blood circulation, fluid in the lymph glandsand is believed to also provide better immunity to the body when exposed to the disease.


Sports massageis used as part of preventive medicine for many athletes, before, during and after the sporting event. During the sports eventsit helps to relax and warms up the muscles to prevent injury, it is applied after the exercise to reduce stress, fatigueand to eliminate the toxins and by-products that occur in strenuous exercise. Sports massage can make the experience of training more efficient and more successful.


Anti-stress massage is usually a combination of different massage techniques. It helps free the body and mind from everyday stress and in the course ofthe massage body is completely relaxed. Particular oils are used as a supplement to the anti-stress massage. They are rubbed into the skin and their scent is contributing to complete relaxation.