FIZIO Centre offers a unique way of functional exercise and complete care of the user's health using cutting-edge modern technology through individual approach, prevention activities and preserving good health… Achieving physical and mental balance through simultaneous consultations with nutritionists, physiatrists and orthopedists is one of main goals of FIZIO Centre.

FIZIO Center consists of several functional units:

Our professional FIZIO Centre team is made of experienced therapists and professional coaches in physical education who are trying to provide a complete experience their clients in a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. Friendly environment is visible at very entrance to the premises . FIZIO Center occupies 500m2 within the first green commercial building in Belgrade in an attractive location in New Belgrade, with secured parking spaces. Clients have at their disposal a spacious hall for various treatments in which Physio exercises are organized, providing room for Physio Therapy, equipped with the latest technology and a unique space for those who want to shape their body and improve health through cardio training, kinesis,, the TRX Suspension Training TRX Rip, Fit box ...and other fitness programs which help stimulate the development of self-esteem, physical performance and overall quality of life.

While working with clients we are using the most modern equipment and sports equipment, such as treadmills Tehnogym, Tehnogym kinesis, the Nordic treadmills, steppers, and many other. For all fans of brisk walking and jogging Center provides a unique athletic track.

In the pleasant ambience ,specifically designed for the purpose of separation and sense of intimacy, FIZIO Center offers a variety of massages. A relaxing atmosphere creates a feeling of complete comfort and relaxation. Caring about the client, his feeling of comfort and satisfaction is one of the basic principles in the work of FIZIO Center.

In addition to carefully designed high quality FIZIO program , pleasant and friendly team of experts, we propose to enrich your diet through the use of healthy protein shakes important in feeding muscles after physical activity, as part of a FIZIO Center Bar offering a variety of protein beverages.