Tehnogym Kinesis

Tehnogym Kinesis presents exclusive fitness equipment that allows you to perform over 250 different exercises aiming to improve strength, flexibility and balance. These exercises involve specific groups of muscles at different load levels, as well as performing movements that involve several muscle groups (kinetic chain). All movements can be performed in three dimensions. Kinesis is unique due to its widest possible use, ranging from rehabilitation, recreation, and the application in high performance sports.

Tehnogym Ark

Tehnogym Ark contributes to the development of optimum physical strength, coordination, stability, balance, flexibility, speed, extensibility as well as cardiovascular and respiratory capacity. The emphasis is on improving motoric movement in everyday activities. Ark line consists of a number of innovative tools, such as water ball, pendulum and similar. All the tools for training are divided into four categories, each of which represents a particular colour of one of the four classical elements: air, water, earth and fire. Each of the exercises is designed as to move from simple to more complex exercises, as well as grouping of exercises that are functional and optimized for a specific target group of clients.


Expanders encourage prevention of excessive load, muscle and joint injuries. In each age it is very important to work on stretching the ligaments and muscles, as it is one of the main ways to keep the body flexible, feel better and move with ease. Stretching is a technique that protects and enhances the flexibility of all the structures: the muscles, joints, muscles web, ligaments and skin.

TRX Suspension Training

TRX Suspension Training is a training course in which one is using its own body weight. TRX offers more than 300 exercises that aim at improving muscle strength, flexibility, stability of the hull and durability. It is used by professional athletes, soldiers and fitness enthusiasts from all around the world. This training was developed by a member of the U.S. Army Special Forces. It is characterized by rapid, effective exercises for strength and stability with the use of own weight. The exercises are tailored to all levels of strength and conditioning. TRX develops strength, flexibility, endurance and stability of the hull. Since it consists of a few hundred exercises at different load levels, TRX provides almost endless possibilities for combining, with the aim of achieving success with different clients’ priorities.


Newest member of the family is TRX Rip Training, designed by Former U.S. Olympic sportsman of Taekwondo, which allows hundreds of dynamic and explosive rotational exercises for every fitness level, including movement in all three directions, at the same time demanding a high metabolic activation capacity. TRX Rip contributes to the development of: rotational strength, balance, durability and stability of the hull.

Ketlbel or girja

Ketlbel or girja (Russian) is a traditional Russian cast iron weight that looks like a cannonball with a handle. Ketlbel was so popular in Tsarist Russia that any strong man or weightlifter was referred to as "girevik" or ketlbel man. Basically, it is a sphere with a handle, as it is commonly called, and is used for ballistic exercises in which momentum is not only permissible but also necessary. Swinging hand while holding a ketlebel is safe because the centre of gravity is behind your hand, unlike an ordinary weight, which is not recommended for swinging of any sort. Ketlebel improves strength and endurance, thus activating certain muscles that are not activated in conventional exercises with weights. Swinging alone requires activation and antagonist to control movement, and the whole body must be kept in a solid position to be swayed, which in turn requires activation and thereby strengthening of the deep back muscles, leg muscles and abs.

Tehnogym treadmill

Tehnogym treadmill provides the ability to automatically adapt to the rhythm of training according to own abilities and needs as well as determine the speed, measure the distance travelled, determine heart rate (HR) and calorie consumption. The treadmill is the best fitness trainer for burning fat and calories. Running alone presents an aerobic activity that has very positive influence on the cardio vascular system, the whole body as well as weight reduction. Tehnogym treadmill presents exercise equipment used for running or walking without moving from one place. Machine is a platform with a wide conveyor belt, wheels and an electric motor. The speed at which the belt moves is adjustable and can be either speed walking or running, so we can easily measure and control. By far it is the most useful and most effective aerobic and cardio training, whether it is power walking or running that contributes to a better overall body condition. Running has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, heart, lungs and in addition activates and develops almost all muscle groups of the body and positively affects the overall physical condition of the body.

Cross-country skiing and Stepper tehnogym

Cross-country skiing and Stepper tehnogym are extremely useful for burning calories, rapid weight loss, as well as the tightening of the whole body. Bars for cross country skiing and stepper devices are ideal for shaping legs and gluteus, as well as strengthening the entire cardiovascular system. Treadmill on its own is a small computer that you can use by setting to number of consumed calories during exercise, the number of ski steps, the speed at which you move, etc. Unlike the bike-simulator in which the upper body is practically immobile, or treadmills in which you do not use your hands, this is something impossible on Cross-country skiing and Stepper tehnogym

Practice spinning bike

Practice spinning bike helps recreation, removes excess weight, improves stamina, strengthens leg muscles (anterior, hamstring and calf). Training on the training bike is one the most popular ways to gain fitness, lose excessive weight and strengthen your leg muscles. One of the benefits of training on the training bike is that you can monitor your heart rate and adjust it to maximize weight loss. When doing this on a regular bike you would have to manually track the pulse or heart rate meter. After determining appropriate heart rate (HR) in which weight loss can be achieved, it is advisable to increase your training intensity as to synchronize it with your heart rhythm. Training bikes are very useful for people who have problems with knees and back. Bearing in mind the centre of gravity is on the bicycle seat, stress induced to the knees is less by far and thus highly recommendable.


Stepper is effective for fat burning, muscle shaping and improving overall condition. Independent activity of both legs helps coordinate movement and balance of the body. There are three main programs for exercise, defined time, calories or kilometres passed. Each stepper has a chest belt (transmitter) to measure heart rate during exercise, the sensor handles and CPR training program (the program that controls the heart rate during exercise)