Fit box

A type of exercises intended for the group, which involves punching boxing bag by combining the hand and foot techniques, and is followed by a rapid rhythm of music. It is a modification of boxing and kickboxing. It presents an intensive training for the entire body and especially strengthening of the back muscles structure. For one part of the hour the exercises are performed on boxing bags. Fit box implies the combination of the elements of boxing, kickboxing and popular Tae Bo. Special position of the arms, swings towards the other body as well as punches to the bag release the level of stress far better than running solely. Punches are not strong, but they are extremely fast and connected to "light" contact with the bag. It is a high-intensity training. Training consists of warm-up (exercises and stretching), floor exercises (crunches), stretching and the like. We recommend it to those who want to gain and maintain a good shape. Fit box is also recommended to all of the persons who wish to work on improving the strength, durability, stress release, calories consumption and improvement of movability and flexibility of the body. One lesson lasts between 50 and 60 minutes.


Spinning is an attractive exercise performed on training bikes. It consists of several specially designed driving simulator sessions - through nature, bike racing, driving up the hill, and similar. Besides providing a maximum power consumption of calories and increasing fitness level, spinning poses new challenges in front of clients each new training, and thus pushes the boundaries of endurance and strength. Alongside experienced and charismatic coaches, a very important element of spinning is the inspiring music that motivates club members and makes training an unforgettable experience. Spinning can be enjoyed by each and every person, regardless of sex, age and condition.

Cross training

Cross training is a circuit training or "training by different steps", where the design of the training allows using all the possible exercise: working with weights, running, aerobic equipment (bicycle, paddle dry, etc.), work on a sack or other resources. Training usually consists of 3 to 20 steps, which are undergone one or more times. A particular advantage of cross training is reflected in an effort to activate all muscle groups by the circular exercise.

Floor exercises

The floor exercises present doing exercises on the floor, requiring physical strength, agility and coordination. Floor (podium area for floor exercises) is especially designed with an elastic surface that allows gymnasts’ to perform complex acrobatic and gymnastic jumps performed with large amplitudes and prevent injuries during the rebound and landing on the ground.


Stretching improves flexibility and thus prevents injuries during exercise while simultaneously improving physical performance. Stretching exercises are extremely important for the regeneration of the body of each active man. Stretching nourishes muscles straining during sports or work activities, and keeps them physiologically long and flexible enough. Elastic muscles contracts and relaxes faster and have more power than muscles that are stiff. Elasticity also improves balance of body movements. This prevents injury and muscle tendon insertions, as well as chronic overload occurring by monotonous straining.

Cardio Exercises

Cardio exercises are an essential part of effective training and achieving good overall health. Cardio exercises can help lose fat, gain endurance and ability to enhance athletic performance, thus having a positive impact on the quality of daily life. They boost metabolism, reduce stress levels, cholesterol levels and give impetus to the strengthening of the immune system.

The machines that offer cardio training include: Tehnogym treadmill, cross-country skiing and Stepper tehnogym, stepper, practice spinning bike.