Physicaltherapyis focusing on recovery and improvement of mobility, functional ability and quality of life through the method of evaluation, examination, diagnosis and physical interventions implemented by physicaltherapists. Means to achieve optimal results are varied and include the following treatment methods:


involves the use of various forms of energy, in order to promote healing and health. In physical therapy various types of electrotherapy are applied. FIZIO Center is using unique Chattanooga medical equipment, which is the first modular therapy system comprised of six therapeutic modalities integrated in the same system more

Magnetic Therapy

shows a number of advantages in the treatment of a wide range of diseases and almost no side effects. Magnetic therapy workson the level of the cell, through the organs up to the organism as a whole. Magnetic therapy works anti-edemously (reduces swelling), anti-inflammatory (reduces inflammation), as an analgesic(reduces pain) and has the effect of accelerating tissue regeneration. It works by magnetic fields affecting the cell metabolism by increasing its permeability. This way the cell metabolism speeds up and increases the utilization of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues. It is used in healing wounds, injuries, bone fractures...

Electro-muscular stimulation

by using a Compex device it sends signals to the motorner vemuscles. Because of the unique form of electrical signal its level of sensitive power, precision and comfort, the Compex stimulator mobilizes the maximum number of muscle fibers. Themuscles are effectively stimulated without cardiac or mental tension, and without putting pressure on the joint sand tendons…

Cryo - therapy

is the best response to acute injury because it reduces swelling and pain. Ice constricts blood vessels and limits internal bleeding at the site of injury. Ice therapy helps in the treatment of some injuries due to over- exercise or chronic pain in the muscles of athletes. FIZIO Center offers you a leader in the field of cryo therapy the Game Ready device. This device is the first in the history of sports medicine in the field of recovery of injuries, which also offers an active pneumatic compression and individually adjustable cryo therapy. Game Ready is a treatment chosen by athletic trainers, physical therapy centers, athletes and teams in nearly every professional sport. Game Ready provides a double effect, by adjusting the temperature while the device is designed to allow the simultane ous circulation of coldair and water integrating compression and cryo-therapy. The active compression helps the body and affects the reduction of the swelling and at the same time stimulates the flow of oxygen-rich blood. Efficient and balanced cooling reduces pain andm uscle spasms. Game Ready coverings are easy to implement and use. Whole design provides comfort while using. Game Ready linings are individually designed for the region of the shoulder belt, elbow region, covering the back of the hand, arm, back part, hips /groin, knees, and there is a special coating for joint injuries.


is the most popular branches of alternative medicine. It is intended for the general population and focuses on the spine, the holder of the body, and the connection between the spine and nervous system.It primarily deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases which are connected with a reversible disturbance of statics and dynamics of the human body, especially thespine. This interferencemay occur as a result of various traumaor sudden atypical body movements of recoil and in other situations. The above-mentioned cause clogs in the affected joint- a reduced or complete cessation of motion of one or more joints. Blocked wrist may remain a long time in this abnormal position and lead to seemingly inexplicable disorders such a spain, limited mobility of the spine and extremities, increased muscletension and incorrect posture of the body. In addition, the blockade of the joint can cause reflexive organic functional disorders (dysfunctions) in a number of organs and organic systems. Blocked joints via the nervous system can cause a variety of symptoms that can sometimes last for years, and never to doubt the spine as a probable cause...