The unique concept of FIZIO Training is a result of many years work of the team of experts in the field of physical education, nutritionists, physiatrists, orthopedic surgeons and cardiologists, and the exercises are specially tailored to the individual needs of customers. Such an approach takes into account the the form and the set of exercises, exercise routine and proper diet plan. This is achieved by improving the health and physical performance redistribution of muscular mass and improvement of cardiovascular system. FIZIO Training is geared towards increasing energy, stability, flexibility, and reducing excessive weight, which is building solid foundation for confidence in terms of achieving success. FIZIO training is organized in several different categories (platinum, gold, silver, bronze), depending on customer preferences. The dynamic trainings include aerobic and anaerobic exercises, flexibility, coordination, balance, and increase the strength. In its spacious, bright and pleasant atmosphere FIZIO Center offers workouton the equipment that has been developed for many years in order to meet the different needs of people and and contribute to better quality of life: