Physio Exercises represent a set of techniques and stretching exercises through a combination of dynamic and static muscle work, under the constant supervision of physiotherapists. These are strength exercises training specific muscle groups through the use of various techniques of stretching, allowing improvement of the entire postural status, coordination of movement and moving without pain. Physio exercises contribute to the prevention of injuries caused by sports activities, physical inactivity, continuous sitting, hard physical labor, and other similar problems.

Their regular use corrects and improves mobility, strengthens the body posture, balance and coordination of movements, and other motor skills.

Physio exercises are a result of years of work by a team of experts in the field of sports and medicine. Experts of physical therapy apply individual approach in their work when meeting the needs of clients, with constant supervision and assistance of the expert team. Physio exercises are recommended to professional athletes, and others, in prevention and in rehabilitation purposes.

An increasing number of people of all ages are having postural disorders. Children have postural problems because they do not move enough, adults because they spend a lot of time sitting, and the elderly, as stabilizing muscles lose their strength over the years. Due to lack of movement, poor quality of work with athletes and congenital deformities poor posture can drastically impair human health. The task of our team of professional therapists is diagnosing the problem and creating an adequate training program.

Physio exercises are used for rehabilitation purposes, to repair and correct the consequences of the injuries caused by a variety of activities, both dynamic and active as well as the passive ones. Physio exercises also contribute to the prevention of all types of injuries,varying in intensity, by improvement of coordination, recovery of postural muscles and the entire postural system.

Physio exercises are particularly important in the rehabilitation process, whether as a post-operative treatment or for chronic conditions. They are used to improve flexion and extension of joints, to improve elasticity of muscles, ligaments and tendons, and to improve neuromuscular functions.

The program of Physio exercises is designed to lead your body to optimal function in a quiet and pleasant way. It is based on therapeutic exercises that are used in the prevention and treatment of painful conditions of the entire locomotor apparatus This is followed by the exercises aimed to increase overall physical fitness and muscle strength of the body parts that suffer the most because of our "modern" lifestyle.

The program of Physio exercises has no restrictions regarding physical condition or previous client s experience in workout. The program consist of stretching exercises for the neck, shoulders, spine and all joints in the body, exercise cyclical activities warm up and shape up, muscle strengthening arm and leg stretching, exercises for the torso, shoulders, hips, breathing and relaxation exercises.

People who are primarily engaged in sedentary work or lack physical activity, with the FIZIO Center program, may enter into an active lifestyle and prevent or reduce the painful effects of everyday activities by practicing exercises for relaxation. People, who have mild or chronic forms of pain in the neck, shoulder ache, pain in the lower back, hips and knees, have an improper posture, under the supervision of our experts, in a pleasant atmosphere,maygradually strengthen the appropriate muscles and thereby soothe the pain.